MailArt Projekte


zur 9. Int. BuchKunstBiennale Horn, heuer ohne eigene Räume
10. Int.BuchKunstBiennale wieder 2010 im Kunsthaus Horn geplant
Ausstellung nach Eingang an verschiedenen Orten
die Karten bleiben im Archiv
werden bei verschiedenen Anlässen wieder präsentiert

For my exhibition please send me only postcards
that deal with any technique

Deadline: 31.12.2009

Toni Kurz
Mühlfeld 43
3580 Horn

International Aspects on Drawing

Invitation to participate at the Exhibiton International Aspects on Drawing
at The Galeristic Space (future art gallery), Sintra Portugal
with handmade works of drawing (old or new, one or more, coloured or not)

Please write your signature and your e-mail on the back

catalog each 25 artists

sizes and theme free

deadline - 31. december 2008

informations -

send to:

Rita Da Costa
Av. combatentes lt3 - Abrunheira
2710 Sintra - Portugal

Dokumentation: Aspecto Gallery

this is an ongoing project: start 01.01.2008
theme: send me your venus

size: A5 upright size
send 25 copies (prints, collages, original drawings)
no black and white fotocopies
no wallpaper, no toiletpaper
bound collection to every artist in book form
deadline: 31.12.2008

send to: Wilhelm Schramm
MailArt - Freipresse
Sonnenbergstr. 2F
A-6700 Bludenz



we invite you to participate in the newest round of Arnolfini Archives’ project
called Mini[e]MailArt, with the subject: Violet spots.

Your tasks are as follows:
1 To save the mma4 file into your computer; this file appears in big size
(600x600 pixels; 300 dpi) by clicking on this square.
2 To open it using a graphic program.
3 To place one or more violet spots on the surface.
4 To save changes.
5 To send your work (only one) back to Arnolfini Archives by e-mail
( till 30th November 2008;
in the e-mail please write us your name, country, and – if you have –
your blog and/or website address.
6 To keep watching the arriving works look:

Woodstocks around the world

I am curating an exhibition of Mail Art
in Woodstock festival taking place in October 2008.
This is an invitation to you to send a Mail art postcard to me on the theme
Woodstocks around the world

any style of material is fine - but please use postcard size

all works recieved are being published on the

the postcards will be exhibited in The Oxfordshire Museum, Woodstock

they will be held in the museum collection for future exhibitions

informations -

send to:

Martyn Brown
c/o The Oxfordshire Museum
Park Street
OX20 1JA

Dokumentation: art in woodstock

Post 2 Coast 97411

The South Coast Collage Collective invites all artists to participate in our
Mail Art Show entitled - Post 2 Coast 97411

The seashore or coastal themes are encouraged.

All works will be exhibited at Bandon Artist Supply's Watermark Gallery for the
month of July 2008. A reception for the public will be held on Saturday, July 5th.

Send your artist-created 10x15 cm postcard in an envelope along to:

SCCC Mail Art
480 Douglas AV SW
OR 97411 USA


International Mail-Art-Exhibition
Literaturhaus Immenstadt - Germany 27.04.2008 - 27.07.2008
for opening of the new building

For my exhibition please send me only postcards 12 x 17 cm
that deal with any technique.
Deadline: 05.05.2008

Harald Dreher
Marienplatz 2 - 4
87509 Immenstadt

Info: Literaturhaus Immenstadt


Mail artists Annijames Rivero and Luis Valera Escarre invite all interested artists
around the globe to participate in their international Mail - art Project:

"The First Biennale International of the Small Art - Venezuela"
Exhibition to all. No jury. Catalogue to all. No return.
Size: Maximum postcard size (10 .5 x 15 cm.)
Technique: Free - Deadline: December 31, 2007.

Send your Work to:

Luis Valera Escarre y Annijames Rivero
"I Bienal del Pequeño Formato - Venezuela"
Apartado Postal 54,
Zona Postal 2101 - A


Ausstellungseröffnung: 13.April 2008, 11:00 Uhr
Ateneo Casa de los Arcos de Maracay

this is an ongoing project: start 05.11.2006
theme: send me your shaman

size: A5 upright size
send 24 copies (prints, collages, original drawings)
no black and white fotocopies
bound collection to every artist in book form
deadline: 31.12.2007

send to: Wilhelm Schramm
MailArt - Freipresse
Sonnenbergstr. 2F
A-6700 Bludenz


Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...

From Snow-White to Narcissus and from Cocteau to Pistoletto, mirrors have never
stopped fascinating and being the heart of so many artistic creations.

For a Mail Art exhibition projekt in our school implying every pupil of Collège
Maxime Deyts in Bailleul - France, I request your creativity to send me your
Mail Art contribution to this event.

Deadline the 17th of december 2007
Preview the 19th december 2007 at 6 pm
Exhibition in the schools Eroa (Espace Rencontre avec l'Oeuvre d'Art), from Friday
19th december 2007 to Friday 29th february 2008.

Alexis Vanwaelscappel
1241 Weseldreve
59270 Bailleul

all horizons

Espace Senghor organizes in december 2007 an exposure “mail Art” and chose to
launch a mail art call on the topic “all horizons”
Verson was the residence of Léopold Sédar Senghor during more than 20 years.
The city has a real attachment with the most famous of its fellow-citizens:
father of the francophonie, cantor of the Civilization of Universal…
l'Espace Senghor is a place open for the world and this mind animates the
exposition “Mail Art ”.

This project is open for everbody:
local, national, international " artists " of all horizons, without reference of
age or origin. There will be no jury, no price, nor reward,
but we hope to show, that the human and artistic solidarity is always alive.

Your sending, it could be an envelope, an illustrated letter or a cutting,
to the format which you will have chosen, will be exposed to Espace Senghor.

To participate , please send your production until december 1st 2007 to:

Dokumentation: Ville Verson

Espace Senghor
Rue of Hambühren
14790 VERSON

MailArt Kindergruppe Herbst 2007

MailArt Karten